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Win and learn all about cloth diapers at the #Schoolofcloth Twitter Party April 9th!

[ 203 ] April 2, 2013 |

School of cloth is back in session!

You’re going to the School of Cloth II!
This School of Cloth Twitter Party is going to be so fun, I even have a secret twist in store that will be announced at the end of the party.  You may think you know it all, I can assure you that you do not!  During our last #Schoolofcloth party even some experienced cloth diapering folks were surprised at the tips.  Whether you’re totally new and have yet to try cloth diapers or an experienced veteran, you’ll learn something new-to you at Cloth Diaper School!

The prizes are super crazy and cool, a variety of gift certificates, cloth diapers, products for mom and even an Ergo Baby Carrier!  

Will you be the Teacher’s Pet?

Party Details:

When:  Tuesday April 9, 2013
Time:  9:00-10:00 pm EST
Hashtag:  #SchoolofCloth
Hosts:  @ClothDiaperGeek
Where:  Twitter, Tweetgrid, TweetChat, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck
Grand Prize:  Ergo Performance Carrier in Charcoal with matching Infant Insert generously donated by Green Bambino in Oklahoma City

Many prizes are being offered by the School of Cloth sponsors.  Check out the Rafflecopter Form below for all the details. 

Sponsors Include: 

How to RSVP:  Enter your name, email and twitter id in the Rafflecopter form below and submit the extra entries for any you choose in order to increase your chances of winning!

Prizes:  You can see a complete list of all the party prizes on the Rafflecopter form below!


Winners will be chosen at random and announced during the party. All winners will be verified after the party and must have tweeted at least once, with the hashtag #schoolofcloth, between the hours of 9-10pm EST. If they did not then an alternate winner will be chosen.

Because in a past Twitter Party, the Grand Prize, an Ergo Carrier, was stolen by a scammer, you MUST wait until you receive an email from me notifying you that you won and then you can respond to it to claim your prize.  I will be contacting you with the email that you use when claiming your entries on Rafflecopter.

Participants with private twitter accounts must change to public for the duration of the party or else their participation will not be visible and verification of their involvement will not be possible.

If you win and I can not verify your participation due to having a private twitter account then I will simply be moving on to another winner.  In other words, you will be disqualified.  

RSVP via the Rafflecopter Entry Form below. a Rafflecopter giveaway


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About Julie ()

I'm Julie, a former cloth diaper retailer who discovered a passion for the industry. Now, instead of selling cloth diapers, I advocate them and promote small businesses I love who sell and manufacture them. I'm the wife of a fireman and mother of three. I have a 13yr old daughter and identical twin sons who are 9yrs old.

Comments (203)

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  1. 1
    Ruth V. says:

    I LOVE Project Pomona – Anything from them would be awesome!

  2. 2
    MommaM says:

    Super excited for the party!!! :-)

  3. 3
    Mindy says:

    I’d love to win an Ergo or a Gift Card!

  4. 4
    Jenny says:

    Project Pomona! I’ve been wanting to try these!

  5. 5

    I’m excited to get some diaper accessories. I need another wet bag =)

  6. 6
    Linda says:

    All the prizes sound great!

  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    I want to get my hands on that Preppy Rumparooz! (Although some Project Pomonas have been on my list for a long, long time.) Also, I think Snappi Baby is listed twice on the form, fyi. Katy C. dragon _ at _ heart 04 @ hotmail . com

  8. 8
    susanesque says:

    The Apple Cheeks lil bundle!

  9. 9
    Anonymous says:

    I would love to win an Ergo for my sister in law. We love ours and we enjoy baby wearing.

  10. 10
    Sasha O. says:

    All the prizes look great I would Love the bamboo Applecheeks or Rumparooz to try out!

  11. 11
    Sarah Hayes says:

    I neeed to win the gc from Dearest Diapers lol.

  12. 12

    I can’t wait to participate!

  13. 13
    Kristi C. says:

    I am excited about so many of these prizes!! I have been really wanting a Moraki dipe in hippie print so it would be great if I could win that! But really so many of these prizes are great so I am really hoping to win! :)

  14. 14
    Suzee says:

    I want a gift card or Ergo, have yet to trynthe Ergo and want to!

  15. 15

    I have to admit, I’d love to win the Ergo. I love carrying my little babies around. I’d be excited to win any of these though.

  16. 16
    Jodi Kershuk says:

    Awesome party

  17. 17
    junebug says:

    I would have to say the Moraki AI2. I haven’t had one of those diapers yet.

  18. 18
    courtney k says:

    i would love the ergo or applecheeks!

  19. 19
    Randa Lea says:

    I’d love to win the rumparooz! My favorite diaper and print!! My favorite :)

  20. 20

    I am very excited to learn more about cloth diapering!

  21. 21

    Everything! The ErgoBaby intrigues me and the idea of being able to try some new diapers!

  22. 22
    Jenny K says:

    The Applecheeks Little Bundle. I have 1 and now I must have more! 😉

  23. 23
    Babes Mami says:

    The ergo! However, gift cards get me excited too!

  24. 24
    Saraheliz829 says:

    Yay! fun times.

  25. 25
    Dawnann says:

    I really hope I win something, I freaking love twitter parties.

  26. 26
    Ashley B. says:

    Apple cheeks or moraki or rumparooz! any of the diapers!

  27. 27

    I am most excited about the Moraki diaper!
    sabrina radke

  28. 28
  29. 29

    These are all great prizes and Id be thrilled to win any of them, but if I could pick I would REALLY want to win the ErgoBaby Carrier!!

  30. 30
    lrothnwu says:

    Any of the diaper or gift certificate prizes would be great.

  31. 31
    Amanda says:

    I would love the Moraki Diaper!

  32. 32
    Ashley-Raye says:

    I would love to win a pair of Project Pomona pants; we have one pair and they fit great and are adorable!

  33. 33
    Lauren C says:

    The Ergo would be my favorite!

  34. 34
    Katie Fender says:

    I would love to win anything, but I would love the Moraki, Project Pomona or Apple Cheeks. (:

  35. 35
    Tracie D says:

    I have a pair of Project Pomona and LOVE them so another would be nice. And of coarse the ergo!

  36. 36
    Erin B. says:

    I am most excited about all of the diapers, but have been wanting to try Applecheeks!

  37. 37
    Krystal says:

    There are so many great prizes! I’d love the Ergo! And the Applecheeks. And the Project Pamona pants. And…well, can I win it all? :)

  38. 38
    Christine says:

    I’m most excited about the ergo, but I’m second most excited about the Project Pomona pants

  39. 39
    Olivia L says:

    The Ergo of course, or the AppleCheeks bundle would be an awesome win! You have some amazing sponsors and prizes lined up!

  40. 40
    Victoria W. says:

    all the prizes look amazing but the applecheeks keep drawing my attention

  41. 41
    Lfulks516 says:

    I would like the gift cards to get more diapers!

  42. 42
    Anne Hutchinson says:

    The prizes look great! I would love the Moraki diaper though!

  43. 43
    Lisa P says:

    Applecheeks or the Ergo, or the Amazon gift card would be amazing!!

  44. 44
    nica says:

    Either the AppleCheeks bundle or Rumparooz in Preppy. Two of my favorite retailers and they know just what diapers I love!

  45. 45
    Lori L. says:

    Would love to win a Moraki One Size AI2/Pocket Diaper in Hippie – it’s so colourful! Or Applecheeks :)

    The Ergo Performance would be lovely as well seeing as I only have one carrier but TWO babies! My partner needs a carrier to be able to help me out a bit!

    Thanks for the chance to win such amazing prizes from all of these generous sponsors!

  46. 46
    Ashley Ross says:

    I would love to win something! So exciting!

  47. 47

    omg so excited… i would love to win the grand prize .. or moraki really all of them are great so im greatful with whatever i win… hope i am not in labor :)

  48. 48
    Sweetpetunia says:

    I’d love to try most of these prizes but I think I’m most excited about the Rumparooz Preppy diaper.

  49. 49
    Julie says:

    I’m torn between the ‘preppy’ diaper and the applecheeks bundle. With a little one on the way, I’d love to add a few more diapers to the stash!

  50. 50
    Melissa says:

    I would love to win the AppleCheeks little bundle!! They are one of my favorite diapers, but I only have 2 in my stash right now.

  51. 51
    Mrs. P says:

    The Ergo mainly, but any of these would be great to win!

  52. 52
    Michelle Lee says:

    I’d love to win the Project Pomona pants!!

  53. 53
    Christi K says:

    So excited for the party :) ergo carrier would be awesome! CD’s are always amazing too!

  54. 54
    caedmen says:

    The ergo carrier of course:)

  55. 55
    Sarah says:

    I would love win any of the prizes as we are new to cloth diapering and babywearing with our 8 week old baby!!!!

  56. 56
    Carol Delp says:

    Looks awesome! I didn’t start cloth with my first until 15 months so I have a lot to look forward to when our 2nd arrives in August. Hoping to learn lots of great tips and maybe win some fun, cute gear! :)

  57. 57

    Wow! What a party. I am so excited to attend (and hopefully win)!

  58. 58
    Jennie Moye says:

    Blogged, tweeted, and facebooked…Fingers crossed and thanks for a great party!

  59. 59
    Laura P says:

    I’d love to win the Apple Cheeks Lil Bundle Bamboo from Up on the Hill… we’re expecting our first, and I’d love to try out several of the top-rated brands with my little one!

  60. 60
    Auna Regan says:

    I’m still fairly new to cloth diapering, so I can’t wait for this party to start!

  61. 61

    I’d love to win the Ergo!

  62. 62
    Mary D says:

    All of the prizes are awesome, it’s hard to choose. But I really need a new carrier, so winning the grand prize would be awesome.

  63. 63
    Rachel says:

    I’m most excited about the Ergo, but all of the diapers would be AWESOME!

  64. 64

    Rumparooz preppy!! :)

  65. 65
    Jennifer Mac says:

    Any of them but I would love the Ergo!

  66. 66
    Catherine says:

    Definitely Moraki!

  67. 67

    The Ergo would be amazing! We have a new baby due in October and I would like to try to wear this one a lot! C section and all!

  68. 68
    Jill says:

    you seem to have 2 snappibaby likes as entries?

  69. 69
    Jill says:

    any gift certificate

  70. 70
    Melissa says:

    Project Ponoma pants or any diaper!

    huntermb3 at gmail dot com

  71. 71
    Leettle Baby says:

    All of these prizes are amazing, and I would be thrilled to win any of them, but I would love any of the gift cards :-)

  72. 72
  73. 73
    Emily Renee says:

    I would love any of these prizes, but the Ergo and Applecheeks sound amazing to me!

  74. 74
    Liana W. says:

    I’m really excited about the Project Pomona!!

  75. 75
    Kat says:

    So many Amazing prizes! id be happy to win any of them!

  76. 76
    Jamie says:

    Any prize would be great, but the Ergo would be the best right now.

  77. 77

    I’m expecting my first child in May and I’m really excited to learn more about cloth diapers and perhaps win a prize also, thanks :)

  78. 78
    Anonymous says:


  79. 79
  80. 80
    Linds says:

    Ergo or Project Pomona

  81. 81
    Anonymous says:

    So excited for this! I hope I remember the time difference :) #military family #participating from Okinawa, Japan @CaitlynD25

  82. 82
    Robin Jones says:

    The gift card to Dearest Diapers

  83. 83
    wendylady88 says:

    these are amazing prizes!

  84. 84
    Laurie says:

    The Applecheeks bundle

  85. 85
    Sara says:

    I would love to win pomona project pants.

  86. 86
    Lynette says:

    ANY of them would be awesome. We have one pair of Pomona pants, which we love! They aren’t too thick which is great since we live in a warmer climate. Obviously the Ergo would be AWESOME! But any of them would be great as we are expecting baby #2!

  87. 87
    kari meeker says:

    I love up on the hill and applecheeks!! Would love to win that (or any of them :)) kari meeker

  88. 88
    Beth R says:

    I would love to win anything! But I am most excited about the giftcards, the applecheeks, and the sweet peas

  89. 89
    Sarah says:

    Either the Applecheeks, Rumparooz, or Ergo. SO hard to choose!

  90. 90
  91. 91

    I’d love to win the Applecheeks!

  92. 92
    Maria Ivey says:

    I would love a pair of Project Pomona as well. We have one pair now that my little one has just outgrown.

  93. 93
    Julie says:

    Rumparooz or Moracki cloth diapers!

  94. 94
    Tara Sutton says:

    I’d love to win the Ergo!

  95. 95

    I would love any of the gift certificates! I’ve been itching to add to my stash!! :)

  96. 96
    Kristina says:

    The Amazon gift card

  97. 97
    Tina Tapia says:

    I have always wanted a Ergo! Really excited about that!

  98. 98

    I would love to win the Ergo, of course. Otherwise the Bamboo Applecheeks sound amazing. My LO is a heavy wetter so bamboo is awesome for him.

  99. 99
    nikki2kids says:

    They all sound great, esp. the Project Ponoma pants

  100. 100
    lucyjune1684 says:

    I really want to try apple cheeks!

  101. 101

    Super excited about project pomona!

  102. 102
    raychwrites says:

    I don’t think I have any of these in my stash yet, so I’d be excited about any of them, but I’d like to try the Applecheeks.

  103. 103

    I would like to win the Ergo Baby Carrier, because I would like to take my baby for walks outdoors. If I had to choose something else it would be the Applecheeks Bamboo Diaper.

  104. 104
    judi says:

    I would love to win the Ergo! I’ve been needing to get a new carrier.

  105. 105

    I’d love the Ergo or the Applecheeks!

  106. 106
    Mama Bennie says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win the Ergo.

  107. 107
    Kristel says:

    I’d be lying if I didn’t say winning an Ergo sounded fabulous! But, I’m also excited at the opportunity to win a Rumparooz G2 pocket diaper. Just got our first Rumparooz diaper cover a short while ago, and am a big fan.

  108. 108

    So happy can’t wait, hopefully I win something at this one :-)It was so much fun last time

  109. 109
    Haute Mommy says:

    Applecheeks, Rumparooz or Moraki :)

  110. 110
    Becky N. says:

    I’d love to win the Ergo or the AppleCheeks bundle.

  111. 111
  112. 112
    Tiffany darling says:

    Rumparooz! But winning anything would be awesome.

  113. 113
    Aubree says:

    I love all the prizes but the ERGO would be AWESOME!!!

  114. 114
    Rachel Smith says:

    I would love to win the Ergo Carrier!!

  115. 115

    I’d love the Rumparooz Preppy print AND OF COURSE the Ergo Carrier!

  116. 116
    SuperMom3128 says:

    All the prizes sound amazing and it would be incredible to win any of them, however I have been wanting to try the AppleCheeks bundle for a long time so I am probably most excited about it.

  117. 117
    Kristina says:

    I would love to win the Rumparooz diaper from Jack Be Natural

  118. 118
    Lianne says:

    I’d love the ergo! It’d check a big item off the registry list!

  119. 119
    Jill Martin says:

    Any of the prizes would be awesome. Moraki, sweet pea, Pomona, ergo. Yes please!

  120. 120

    The $25 gift card to happbabycompany (local cloth diaper store for me) or applecheeks diaper ( been wanting to try)

  121. 121
    Jennifer H. says:

    i dont think it matters as long as its CLOTH DIAPERS!!! Im beyond addicted!!!!

  122. 122
    Randi says:

    Of course I love the Ergo, but really any of them would be wonderful since we’re just starting our cloth diaper stash:)

  123. 123
    Kristina S says:

    I am most excited about the Ergo or a gift certificate :)

  124. 124

    I am excited to learn more…just entering in to the world of cloth diapers as a new mommy! :)

  125. 125

    I’d love to win anything but with a heavy 6mo old I really want the baby carrier :)

  126. 126
    Jessica says:

    I would love to win the Ergo or Applecheeks…two of my very favorite things!

  127. 127
    Amy Gibbons says:

    I would be so happy to win any of the prizes :)

  128. 128
    Joann Golas says:

    A gift card or an ergo. *swoon*

  129. 129

    I’d love the preppy Rumparooz!

  130. 130
    Sarah says:

    The ergo, but I’d be happy with any of the great prizes!

  131. 131
    Heather S. says:

    Super curious in the Green Team Distrib. prize!

  132. 132
    Melissa Genard says:

    The Ergo or any of the gift certificates. Happy Baby Company is fantastic family owned business! :)

  133. 133

    I want the AppleCheeks bundle! :)

  134. 134

    i want a gift card. i’ve been trying to save money so my shopping addiction has not been fulfilled…

  135. 135
    Robyn Ryan says:

    Would love to win any of them, but love trying new dipes so I’ll say the Sweet Peas OS!

  136. 136
    Jen P says:

    ergo or the applecheeks prize!

  137. 137
  138. 138

    I’m excited for the Wollybugs, but they are all great prizes. I’d be ecstatic to win any of them :)

  139. 139

    I am most excited about applecheeks!

  140. 140

    I’d be happy to win anything!

  141. 141
    MommyOf2 says:

    Project Pomona Pants!!!! Or the HBC GC! :)

  142. 142
    Jasmine says:

    I’d love to win any of the gift certs for cloth diapers since I’m preggers with Baby #3!

  143. 143
    ~Kelly says:

    Any of the diapers would be fantastic.

  144. 144
    JLJMommy says:

    Applecheeks lil bundle would be wonderful!
    Also – my tweet didn’t copy and past correctly, oops! It should be https://twitter.com/jljmommy/status/321720223839424512 instead of something about a bike.

  145. 145
    Molly says:

    I would love to have the Ergo Performance! Molly Bussler

  146. 146
    Megan G says:

    I would love to try an Ergo!

  147. 147
    Shandell says:

    I’d be thrilled to win any cloth diapers really- I just started last week and only have 10 diapers!

  148. 148
    Aimee P. says:

    I am most excited about the dearest diaper gc.

  149. 149
    Onna says:

    All the prizes sound great! I’m just starting cloth diapering so any of those would be awesome!

  150. 150
    Robin says:

    anything would be great i love giftcards

  151. 151
    brio violin says:

    I am really excited to learn more about cloth diapering. FTM here – I would be thrilled to win any of these amazing prizes!

  152. 152
    Charity says:

    I would love any of these prizes, but I am dying for a Moraki diaper.

  153. 153
    karyn says:

    Anything fun for my brand new one born yesterday!!!

  154. 154

    I am new to cding and to all these giveaways. It is so addicting. I would love to win and try anything :)

  155. 155
    Sharon says:

    I love all the prizes but the rumparooz g2 in preppy would make my day

  156. 156
    Hannah R says:

    The Ergo would be awesome, but I’d also love to try a Moraki AI2 or the Pomona Pants :)

  157. 157
    Ann Riffle says:

    So excited! Can’t wait to learn more about cloth.

  158. 158
    Wendy says:

    I”d be stoked to win anything, but especially an Ergo for my husband!

  159. 159

    I’d love the ergo!

  160. 160

    The Rumparooz G2 Pocket Diaper !! But jus twinning something would be awesome!

  161. 161
    Candace T says:

    all the prizes look amazing…got my eye on Applecheeks, though :)

  162. 162
    Charis's Mum says:

    I’d love to win the AppleCheeks Lil Bundle.

  163. 163

    I would love to win a pair of project pamona pants

  164. 164
    Julie says:

    I love the preppy print in rarz! I would also love the try the Ergo! :)

  165. 165
    Melissa says:

    There are a lot of cool prizes, but I’m most excited about the Ergo carrier.

  166. 166
    Shannon says:

    I just learned about Project Pomona pants… great idea!

  167. 167
    John/Alexis says:

    im excited for the grand prize altho all are great! thank you

  168. 168
    Danika Ford says:

    Very excited for this Twitter Party!

  169. 169
    Melissa says:

    Hope to learn some new things and maybe win too. I get teased all the time about being obsessed by all things cd related

  170. 170
  171. 171

    I’m the most excited for the GRAND PRIZE: ErgoBaby Performance Carrier in Charcoal with matching Infant Insert from Green Bambino!!!! I could REALLY use it!

  172. 172
    Nicole B says:

    Anything that will build my stash!

  173. 173
    Jessie says:

    So many great prizes!! I would love to get the Sweet Pea diaper and wet bag

  174. 174
    Sarah says:

    I’d love to win a pair of Project Pomona pants

  175. 175
    Acacia says:

    Would love any of the gift cards

  176. 176

    I would love to win any cloth diaper. I have two in cloth so anything helps. And f course the Ergo!

  177. 177
    tcharlet says:

    I’d love the Ergo or a gift card! :)

  178. 178

    I’m excited about the grand-prize but an Amazon gift card would be sweet!

  179. 179
    Melissa Johnson says:

    Anything would be amazing to win but the ergo would come in very handy with my wiggly 1 year old!

  180. 180
    Marya Mann says:

    I would love the ergo or moraki!!!!

  181. 181
    Kelly S says:

    Amazon gift card!

  182. 182
    Natasha says:

    I would love to win the ergo

  183. 183
    Lisa Slusser says:

    I would love anything!! But am excited to see what squishy Tushy gives away!

  184. 184

    I would LOVE to win the Grand Prize! I could really use the Ergo with Infant insert!

  185. 185
    Joy Vaughan says:

    I would love to win any cloth diaper to add to my few I have. I love rumparooz brand. I don’t have a snappi yet.

  186. 186

    Can’t wait to learn lots of new stuff tonight!!

  187. 187

    I really want the Ergo!

  188. 188
    Renea Pike says:

    I would LOVE to win an Ergo Performance carrier!

  189. 189
    sara flickinger says:

    Apple cheeks!

  190. 190
    Ashley M. says:

    I would be so thrilled to win any of these prizes!

  191. 191
    Anonymous says:

    I need a wetbag and thanks for posting Squishy Tushy, i wouldnt have seen otherwise.

  192. 192
    Nikkee says:

    honestly, I’d love to win anything! All the prizes are nice :)

  193. 193
    J. Olson says:

    I am most excited for the Applecheeks Little Bundle! I really want to try those diapers!
    jbang0331 at yahoo dot com

  194. 194

    The project panoma pants, oo la la!

  195. 195
    Randi says:

    Most excited about the Ergo…but love it all!

  196. 196
    Cherie says:

    I would love the $25 Amazon Gift card from Snappi!!

  197. 197

    I m really into trying the ergo! 😀

  198. 198
    Whitney says:

    It’s about to start and I’m so excited!

  199. 199

    Going to be so much fun!!! Love AppleCheeks

  200. 200
    Elyse Huey says:

    Applecheeks! always wanted to try them!

  201. 201

    The Ergo would be awesome.

  202. 202
    Carly says:

    We love Amazon in our house, so the giftcard there would be awesome! But also the Ergo of course. :)

  203. 203
    sk8tagrl15 says:

    I wanted to RSVP, but the form says its over :( please RSVP me :)

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