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#FluffinAwesome Baby Shower Food {Diaper Crescent Rolls}

[ 1 ] August 6, 2014 |

baby shower food, diaper rolls

#FluffinAwesome Diaper Shaped Baby Shower Food

I fully expected this to turn into a FAIL post.  I thought to myself, even if they don’t turn out to look like diapers then I can use the FAIL pictures and create a humor post about my failed attempt.   To my surprise, these crescent roll shaped cloth diapers were as easy to make as I suspected.  This is the seriously unhealthy version of course.  If you’re a great cook you might have a recipe for a more natural and healthy version of crescent roll dough.

What do you need?

  • Pillsbury Grands Crescent Rolls Big & Buttery

Pre-heat oven and cook per regular instructions on Pillsbury packaging.

It’s THIS easy!

Unroll your dough and separate into the pre-cut triangle shapes.  Roll slightly to make your dough go a little further.  Use a knife and cut out your diaper pattern.  This dough is very forgiving.  Once on the baking sheet you can play around with the shapes and make them look a little more diaper-like, they might get a little distorted when transporting onto the baking sheet.

Watch them closely while they bake so that they don’t overcook.  I noticed that the longer they baked the more the crossover tabs on the diapers began to shrivel and burn.

baby shower food, diaper rolls baby shower food, diaper rolls

This is a super easy, very affordable and fast finger food idea for baby showers!  From the roll to the oven and onto a serving tray you’re looking at less than 30 minutes depending on how many you make!  I hope you enjoyed this idea and can put it to good use at your next #FluffinAwesome Baby Shower!

baby shower food, diaper shaped rolls



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    Ashley says:

    Very cute! I’m doing to try making them this way with “chocolate” in the center. LOL. should be a fun addition :)

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